Travel to Tulum is like traveling to paradise. With the best options for you to connect with nature during the day and by night you would not go to bed knowing the life style Tulum have to offer.

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What to do in Tulum during the day?

This are the mandatory stops you need to make during your trip to Tulum.

You can enjoy the beautiful archeological zones with a walk-through history so you can later enjoy a refreshing afternoon at the beach or in a cenote connecting with nature.


1. Visit the Mayan ruins 

Near the city, Tulum, you can find different archeological zones that you can visit. 



Located on a boulder near the beach, has temples, houses, platforms, a wall surrounding the area, and much more edifications for you to discover by yourself or with a guide certified by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INHA).


Hour: 8:00 to 16:00


Cost: $80 MXN ($4 USD approx.)



Located at the north of Tulum at the heart of the jungle and surrounded by 5 small lakes has numerous edifications that give us a look into what the life on that era could be. With temples, an observatory, juego de pelota, estelas and more that have not been excavated due to possible damage to the structure.


Hour: 8:00 to 16:00


Cost: $80 MXN ($4 USD approx.



You will find it taking the road to Felipe Carrillo Puerto to the bank of the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an. At the entrance of this archaeological area is a square, following the trail you will find the castle and the temple next to sets of different buildings. You can also continue exploring until you enter the reserve and reach the Chunyaxchén lagoon. 


Hour: 8:00 to 16:00


Cost: $70 MXN ($3.50 – 4 USD approx.


2. Discover the cenote’s rout.

Something that characterizes the Riviera Maya is that there are a lot of cenotes, these are underground freshwater bodies that in some cases have openings at the top and in others are caves. 

When you swim in one of them you will feel how you connect with nature, the crystal clear and fresh water accompanied by vegetation are the perfect combination. 

Remember to bring biodegradable sun screen, water and food, it is important that you collect the garbage on your way out to keep these small paradises.

You can find individual trips to each of the cenotes or you can set aside a tour for the whole day, around $900 MXN ($45 USD approx.), can increase the cost if this includes visits to any of the archaeological areas or to any of the emblematic places of the Riviera Maya. 


3. Enjoy a beach day at the caribe.

To have fun you don’t have to go far, the beaches of Tulum next to good company will be one of the best options during your trip. With the white sand and blue sea, you will not be able to resist wanting to spend the whole day relaxing in one of the beach clubs or simply extending a towel and lying down to sunbathe.

You can also find public gyms, boat rides, snorkeling, swimming with turtles, photography sessions or playing on some of the sand courts. 

Some of the best beaches are:

  • Beach Paraiso 
  • Beach Ruinas
  • Beach Akumal
  • Beach Las Palmas
  • Secret Beach
  • Soliman Bay



How is Tulum nightlife?

With these ideas you will need a vacation from your vacation. The fun in Tulum doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, get out and know the nightlife it has to offer.


Go out for dinner to spectacular restaurants. 

Tulum has a wide variety of restaurants for all budgets and tastes, from Mexican to Japanese food, you and your companions will have a difficult time choosing where to go. With this blog the task can be less complicated.

Here is a list of the best restaurants

  • La Malinche Art and Food (mexican/latin)
  • La Tulumeña (mexican/seafood) 
  • Pizzería Manglar (italian)  
  • Tora Tulum (japanese/seafood) 
  • Fresco’s (mexican/latin) 
  • Tulum Cervecería Artesanal (latin) 
  • Kokoro Tulum (japanese/seafood) 
  • Santo Mercado Mexican Kitchen (mexican)  
  • Nicoletta Modern Italian Kitchen (italian/contemporary) 


Have fun bar hopping.

Different types of environments and spirits can be found in the wide variety of bars that Tulum has to offer its nightlife. You can also find the best music to accompany your night, either as the soundtrack of your adventure or to go dancing.

Here are some of the best bars:

  • Sole Cantina
  • El Grifo Tulum. 
  • Funky Burrito Pool Bar.
  • Tantra Tulum.
  • Muyal Tulum.



Niik Tulum 

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